Nepal 2015

:: NEPAL 2015::

07 - 16 November 2015

Since it's initial announcement earlier this month, momentum has been building tremendously with the BLi team increasing to six confirmed members to date!

The Bread & Life International team will be serving, building shelters, running medical & dental clinics and helping at a 700 youth rally for those still recovering from the devastaing earthquake in April 2015. All the donations will go towards the building funds.

The missions team is aiming to build 100 essential shelters in Nepal that cost approx. £90 each. Each and every shelter built, witnesses the goodness and generosity of the churches and opens the hearts for the Gospel in the community. The churches in Nepal are at present in revival!

Please like, share and support the charity and it's team as we aim to fundraise and help build these essential 100 shelters together for the people of Nepal.


the BLi team