BLi x Philippines 2018 - We Arrived Safely!

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This is the second time we are here as BLi and the first time for many of the team.

We have just met all of the team this morning and it's safe to say we are all gel-ing well already!

We are truly anticipating what God will do this week and as the hashtag in the hotel says "happy moments". There is abundant joy in serving the Lord and we hope and pray it will be countless fruitful and happy moments.

Please continue to pray for us :) Here are a few prayer points…


  • As we abide in Him, that His love, life, presence & power would overflow through us as we prepare & serve on the Mission field wherever we go. We would have hearts full of faith & expectation to see God move.
  • Unity, protection, safety, wisdom, strength, guidance from the Holy Spirit in all of our preparations & during the trip.
  • Every team member would encounter the presence of God during the trip & there would be a widening of seeing the greatness of who God is.
  • Catch the fire during the trip & take this back with them; setting others alight, faith raised to see God move in their home towns, prayer warriors/intercessors will rise up who would persevere in their faith.
  • Every person would find their unique place / role within the team & exercise their gifts.

Family theme

  • ROLM people would know their identity as sons & daughters of God, and know the love of the Father.
  • Pray for ROLM family – for unity in the church, intergenerational partnerships within the body of Christ. Reconciliation between the different generations, with children, youth, adults, older people all serving, loving & honouring one another.
  • Raising up of spiritual fathers & mothers who will love, nurture & build into the lives of the younger generation. Children & youth would have the hearts to honour, learn from, serve together with the adults. 
  • Reconciliation within individual family units  - pray for restoration, forgiveness, healing, unity within marriages, and with relationships with their children. 
  • Raising up of future families that will be united & shine the light of God in their communities.

ROLM people & ministries:

  • People would receive fresh fire, encouragement, be strengthened & restored, have renewed vision during the trip, that this work would continue after we leave & seeds sewn will bear fruit in their lives.
  • Salvation as clinics & other ministries are run, for a harvest of souls. Preparation of the hearts of the people to receive the good news with joy.
  • Protection, provision, strength, perseverance in faith, blessing upon the people of ROLM.
  • Signs, wonders, healings that only God can do, for the glory of God.
  • Children, youth, adults of ROLM who would be rooted strongly in their faith and not waver, experience and know the love of God, know who they are as God’s children, and who will rise up to carry the light & vision of ROLM for the generations to come. 
  • Leaders to rise to take ownership in leading the church, carrying forth of the vision of ROLM, unity in the leadership team.
  • Prisoners who would be truly set free, chains will be broken, for healing in their lives & families. They would go on to continue living out the life of Christ as they are released & be lights in their communities.
  • For Ps Fely – for strength, wisdom, protection, good health, refreshing, she will rise on wings like eagles.

Lots of Love,

BLi Philippines Team 2018