BLi x Philippines 2018 - Updates!

Hello from the UK and Austrailia!

After many, many hours of travelling (boat trips, bumpy car rides and long-haul flights), we are all back home. Praise God! 

Thank you all for your endless prayers, encouragements and messages that covered this trip. 
We’re all still slowly easing back into reality with a few of us recovering from an unintended souvenir, the flu! 

We’ll be posting the daily blogs soon and we can’t wait to share with you all the amazing, God-orchestrated events that transpired. We hope that when you read these you’ll feel like you were there with us, experiencing the same joy and giving praise to the One who made all things possible... the ONE who healed the deaf and blind man ~*hint hint*~


Please feel free to drop us a message individually if you’d like to get an extra scoop of things that happened!

God bless,

BLi team