BLi x Philippines 2018 - Mission Blog Update

We can’t believe it has already been almost 5 weeks since the day we arrived in the Philippines!

Thank you for being patient with us! Since coming back to the UK and Australia, the team has been working hard blogging on everyday happenings on the mission trip.

It is so easy to think wonders and miracles are things of the past – things of Bible times. Well, be ready to be amazed by how CURRENT God is to this day! All He asks is faith to believe.

We want so badly to go back to God’s Children Home in San Isidro already and play with the children again!

I hope you are as excited as we are to re-live the days in the Philippines through the upcoming blogs.

If you’re keen to keep up with our daily musings from the mission trip, come back this Sunday (16th September) for the release of our first daily Mission Blog.

Stay tuned!

God bless,

BLi team